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» Originally raised ___
» Applied and was rejected twice from Starfleet Academy; the third time, he directed a transport ship to safety after their manual override sequence jammed, and a retired Starfleet captain on board promised to pull some strings for the charming young hero.
» Met Enjolras in the Starfleet Academy Preparatory Program, where they bonded during one of the stress reaction exams.
» Met Combeferre in ____
» Was assigned to the Corinth on its fateful test run.


» One eldest sister, two older identical twin sisters, a stern father with a strong interest in gourmet foods and the wine trade, and a lawyer mother with a brilliant sense of humour.
» Has a beautiful relationship with all three of his sisters, though he is naturally more inclined towards the twins when allying against their eldest -- to even out the odds. (Despite now being of married life and with a child on the way, she is still the most formidable of opponents in their prank games.)
» Developed his interest in flight after a trip to a vineyard with his father while still very young.